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Helping Girls in Haiti Flourish


Did you know that ladybugs assist in the survival of Sunflowers by eating away harmful insect pests and pollen?! 

Likewise, Margwine Organization, Inc (MOI) service of 'Helping girls in Haiti Flourish' works in the same unique way. The Sarasota, FL girls are provided with hands-on training in teamwork, leadership, confidence building and humanitarian acts. In turn, the Ladybugs of MOI/Sarasota girls assist the Sunflowers of MOI/Haitian girls by providing them with opportunities that they otherwise wouldn't have: It’s a beautiful cycle that helps all involved. The Ladybugs customize shirts, cups, make candles and other crafty things together, to support the mission. MOI works like a bridge for young girls in America to learn about and provide change to young girls in Haiti: providing them with the opportunity to work together and help each other flourish.

July 2020, a couple of Ladybugs are scheduled to meet the Sunflowers, in person! They are working hard to raise the funds, in preparation for it all and every donation goes a long way: consider supporting the mission.

Flourishing Girls: Helping Girls in Haiti Flourish



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